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Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Morrison offers two types of teeth whitening to his patients in order to safely and effectively revitalize smiles—customized take-home whitening trays and in-office whitening.

A customized take-home whitening kit allows you to control the color change of your teeth in the comfort of your own home. a1Depending upon your desired results, Dr. Morrison will provide special instructions to help you achieve your desired result. Patients love this option because of the comfort and flexibility they have over their whitening experience and because there is little to no tooth sensitivity during or after the treatment.

If you desire immediate results, consider in-office whitening. Using a specially formulated professional whitening gel, you may notice a boost in the shade of your teeth in about one hour. This option is perfect for anyone who is looking for the quickest whitening experience possible.

Over-the-counter whitening products promise the same results to everyone, but quite often fail to deliver. Everyone’s smile is unique and therefore different teeth require different teeth whitening options. While there are many over-the-counter remedies available to whiten teeth, nothing is safer or more effective than a treatment that is supervised by a professional dentist like Dr. Morrison.

A custom teeth whitening kit by Dr. Morrison is among the best ways to enhance the way you look and feel about your smile. Discuss your smile concerns with our talented dentist by contacting Dr. Morrison today!

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