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Dr. Stephen Morrison Patient Reviews

Small, personalized office. Liked it so much my family of 5 all go here now. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Doris G.

Was recommended to Dr. Morrison from an friend of mine when I needed some
dental work done.  Had a pleasant experience.  Nice staff.

Matthew H.

I have been going to Dr. Morrison for many years. Past fears from bad denistry have long since been erased, due to Dr Morrison
and all his happy staff and pleasent surroundings.

Harold M.

Dr. Morrison was referred to me by a friend. I usually have serious trust issues with dentists, but I trust Dr. Morrison.

Dr. Morrison is more on the conservative side when it comes to additional dental work, which is refreshing. Before  I visited 2 other dentists who tried to convince me to replace my fillings that had been put in place in the last few years. Dr. Morrison told me that no additional work was needed, especially since I was not feeling pain.  I would highly recommend Dr. Morrison.

Tonya G.


Having had multiple procedures done such as crowns, partials, even a root canal, I have never had a bad experience. I definitely have confidence in Dr. Morrison and his staff is always friendly and courteous.

Carol A.